A good start to your day – be it for working or just for leisure – should include the food you feel the need to eat, and for this reason we offer a particularly rich and abundant breakfast.
Choose between various cereals such as corn flakes, oatmeal, barley, khorasan wheat and many more (we have over a dozen, nearly all certified as biological!) that can be sprinkled into a white yoghurt we produce ourselves, always very much appreciated by our guests.
Of course we always provide home-made bread to savour with our jams, or traditional cakes, pies and biscuits, plus of course all the other sweets we make ourselves.
We are never without oranges for a fresh squeeze, and you will always find a bowl full of in-season fruit and carrots and a centrifugal juicer at your disposal.
Coffee? We always and only make Espresso! But there are also a couple of kinds of barley coffee (also biological), five or six types of infusions and mixed herbal teas.