The Farm

Currently, the ground dedicated to the farm covers 20 hectares and is located in a fertile area within the Padan Plain, between the cities of Bologna and Ferrara.
Since 1996 we dedicate ourselves to organic farming, certified by the Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute (ICEA), adopting agricultural techniques such as crop rotation, alternation, green manure and organic composting.
Vegetables are cultivated in two year-long cycles, within limited areas but in very large variety, occupying a total of 2 hectares. Within this area, since 2007 there is also a small space dedicated to the Cucco asparagus.
These vegetables and fruit are mainly destined to the kitchens of the agritourism, but are also used for making the products sold directly to our customers and at the Mercato della Terra, Slow Food market in the city of Bologna.
In our farm we grow biological wheat, from which we obtain the flour for producing bread, cakes and pasta. We also grow alfalfa hay for feeding animals. In 2006 a small orchard was planted, with a number of rustic and original varieties of fruit.
Some of the vegetables we produce are also processed by a food artisan: the result is a limited production under the label “Gran Riserva del Cucco” (literally, Cucco’s top reserve products), which is both used for our restaurant and available for purchase to our customers.
On top of the horticultural and extensive production, we also have a typical courtyard animal breeding area. The breeding farm contains various pens, with trees and bushes under which chickens, ducks and geese can roam freely.
The final addition to the area dedicated to our farm animals is an ample space reserved to a friendly family of donkeys.
For what concerns pork products, we have chosen to collaborate with the Rubinazzi piggery, located in Campo Santo (close to Modena), as it dedicates particular attention to raising traditional, natural breeds, to organic nutrition and to the animals’ well-being.
Lastly, the farm is delimited by a hedge of mixed scented plants which covers over 1 kilometre: it has been planted especially to enhance this small agricultural ecosystem, offering shelter and food to many wild animals which, in turn, contribute to environmental balance.
As the hedge has two parallel rows, the guests of the agrituourism can walk along this path and fully appreciate the scents of the countryside, also taking a few moments to relax by reading the verses and poems on the subjects of Nature and Love that we have printed on wooden boards and planted along the path.