The Kitchen

The kitchen is open every evening.
In the months of September, October, April and May we also open Sundays at lunchtime.
On Saturday evening and Sunday lunchtime you can choose between three alternative menus: Degustazione, for tasting, Vegetariano for vegetarians and Bisteccone – literally “very large steak”.
On all other evenings there is a menu à la carte with a number of starters, main courses, side dishes and desserts.
Since we opened in 1999 we have strived to cook for our guests using many home-grown products and paying special attention to the quality of the ingredients and to avoid overly-elaborate flavours.
This is how for all these years, also thanks to the participation of our guests, we have been able to offer a menu that changes throughout the days and weeks, always according to the season. We also have a small selection of regional wines (some of which biological) and an excellent house wine, all great value for money.
To respect the environment, years ago we started using micro filtered public water.
Our bread, prepared with yeast starter, the pastas and all oven-baked products are made fresh every day within our kitchen, using biological flour and high quality ingredients.
On special occasions we can prepare our special cake, simply and tastefully decorated, with a delicate flavour which is appreciated by all.
We take great care in setting a homelike table and adding just the menu of the day, a small decoration and, in the evenings, a lit candle.