Weekday Menu

Menu della Settimana

Here are some examples of the dishes you can savour during the week:

* Starters:
Modena ham, local salami and squacquerone cheese
Vegetable mini-pies au gratin
Country-style croquettes
Omelette with onion, Modena ham and parmesan cheese
Bologna produced by Pasquini, Modena ham, squacquerone cheese and small crescentine, traditional deep fried bread dumplings
Stecchino petroniano, a typical dish from the region prepared using bologna mousse and mixed salads
Variety of bruschetta bread slices with house sauces.

* First course:
Vegetable velvet soup and crouton
Farmer’s soup and crouton
Velvet bean soup with rosemary-flavoured olive oil
Butternut squash soup with thyme and marjoram
Tagliatelle with ragù meat sauce
Tortelloni (pasta with ricotta cheese filling) and sage and parmesan cheese sauce
Butternut squash gnocchi (potato dumplings) with pecorino cheese produced in Val di Zena
Hulled wheat spaghetti, prepared with the traditional press technique, with cheek lard and crispy vegetables
Chestnut gramigna (short pasta) with leeks and crispy bacon
Ricotta cheese and herb gnocchi with pecorino cheese
Pasta “suns” with herb filling and parmesan cheese and poppy seed sauce
Small ravioli (pasta with herb filling) and bacon and field radish sauce

* Second course:
Sausage kebabs with house sauce
Sliced beef fillet with rosemary
Fried eggs with field chard
Oven baked “Il Cucco” suckling pig with herbs and rosemary
Beef nuggets with balsamic vinegar
Beef kebabs seasoned with shallots and rosemary
Chicken rags with sesame
Beef kebabs and red onion slices cooked in the “caballera” style
Bacon rolls with mustard and chives
Side dishes
Bowl of field salad
Oven cooked potatoes au gratin
Verdurone – big vegetable platter
Verdurino – small vegetable platter

* Desserts:
Ice cream of the day, home-made with our own ice cream freezer and eggs from our henhouse
Semifreddo with custard cream and meringue
“Biscotti del Re” – the King’s biscuits – served with sweet Albana passito wine
Grandma’s apple pie
“Rustichella Cake” with chocolate and amarettos
Grandma Lucia’s shortbread cake with custard cream
Chocolate Tenerina (a dark, spongy chocolate cake)
Soft orange cake
Snow White apple pie

* Specials:
Large “Il Cucco” steak with radish and potatoes
Half a “Il Cucco” steak with radish and potatoes
Selection of cheeses with pear jam pumpkin pickle
Verdurone, plate with a selection of in season vegetables from our farm